Monday, 30 May 2011

Adam Ant, Newcastle O2, 29 May 11

29 years later and I get a second audience with the mighty Adam Ant. What a show. What a night. The venue was packed with aging punks and folk in Prinve Charming fancy dress...

Setlist was storming - loads of punk fueled energy and ant classics, plus a cover of t-rex "get it on" - image below courtasy of

The show completed after almost two hours, Adam t-shirt-less after ripping it off!

Adam & The Ants, Newcastle City Hall, 08 Jan 82

I was extremely fortunate to have attended my first concert as a nine year old, witnessing an amazing performance by the legendary Adam Ant with my Dad and Cousin Rob. We had stall seats very close to the front, stage left in front of Marco!

Adam & the Ants were a massive phenomenon in the early eighties and the tour was extremely theatrical. I've not seen a show like it since...

As a nine year old I didn't make a mentalnot of the setlist, but thankfully I found the show format on 'tinternet...

Act I, Scene 1: The Road to the Forest
Stand & Deliver*, Magnificent Five*, Picasso Visits the Planet of the Apes, 5 Guns West, That VooDoo!

Scene 2: The Forest

Scene 3: The Palace
Scorpios, Antmusic, Don't Be Square (Be There), Ant Rap*, Prince Charming

Act II: The Dockside
The Human Beings, Ants Invasion, Killer in the Home, Mowhok, Dog Eat Dog

Act III, Scene 1: A Storm at Sea
Jolly Roger

Scene 2: A Desert Island
Los Rancheros, Cartrouble*, Christian D'Or, A.N.T.S.*, Kings of the Wild Frontier, Ant Rap (reprise), Physical (You're So)

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Three imaginary boys, seventeen seconds, faith...

Oh to be in Australia ~

TheCure “Reflections”
Three Imaginary Boys (1979)
The Cure Trio: Robert Smith (voice & guitar), Simon Gallup (bass), Jason Cooper (drums)

Seventeen Seconds (1980)
The Cure Quartet: Robert Smith (voice & guitar), Simon Gallup(bass), Jason Cooper (drums), Roger O’Donnell (keys)

Faith (1981)
The Cure Quintent: Robert Smith (voice & guitar), Simon Gallup(bass), Jason Cooper (drums), Roger O’Donnell (keys & percussion), LaurenceTolhurst (keys & percussion)

Performance details:
Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House presents
The Cure “Reflections”
Monday  31 May & (repeated) Tuesday 1 June  7pm